2730 May 2021
2730 May 2021


Unleash the Potential!

Unleash the potential! A seminar about the value of industrial design, by Öresunds Strategy & Design.

Design + Industry = Unleash the Potential!

Unleash the potential! is a seminar to inspire companies to see the potential of industrial design to increase their competitiveness, strengthen their product offering and create business value.

Many companies are not aware that industrial design can contribute to the development of industrial products with high technology content. The seminar is about how design can be used to identify user needs, find new innovative solutions and create sustainable, attractive, profitable and competitive products. In addition, the participants are given a number of inspiring examples of industrial and B2B products where design really made a difference.

The seminar is held by engineer and industrial designer Marie Nilsson at Öresund Strategy & Design, who has long experience in product development and design of B2B products. It is aimed at everyone who is curious and interested in industrial design and product development.

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