2730 May 2021
2730 May 2021

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Scroll & Fold ~ A Love Story Untold

Scroll and Fold vikta papper på olika sätt med projektets logo

Digital + Analog = Scroll & Fold ~ A Love Story Untold

Scroll and Fold is a project arranged by BEAST Studio, exploring the relationship between the constantly growing digital feed and physical principles of analogue creation.

An ever-present concept in our modern life is the digital feed, constantly growing and seemingly without either beginning or end. The infinite scroll function is designed to keep us glued to our screens with the promise of another post that we can not risk missing out on. The introduction of this function removed the moment of reflection that would occur at the end of a page in the digital feed. How do we put this in relation to our own creativity? Does the thing we create exist if it is not uploaded to the feed? How do we as designers work with the oppositions between the fast digital world and our own ambitions to create quality that stands over time? Does our creativity become more fragmentary in order to keep up?

BEAST Studio was founded around the risograph, a printing technique originating in a mechanical process which can be used to both create quick prints as well as slower, more complicated processes. Some see us as champions of analogue techniques and adversaries to digital values. We don't recognize an opposition between working digital and analogue, but the relationship is far from uncomplicated.

Leading up to and during Southern Sweden Design Days we will attempt to create a seemingly infinite feed of our own, where we explore the possibilities to create a new relationship between the digital and analogue. Among other things we will send Scroll and Fold to couples' therapy, and find ways to explain analogue methods, in this case paper-folding and we will encourage the visitor to leave the feed but also to stay inside and contribute to it. 

Infinite scroll
We explore how we can create an infinite feed at beaststudio.se/scrollandfold

Fold-along on Instagram
Learn to fold various paper figures through different methods. For those who are interested, there will be a stack of papers with the infinite scroll code printed on it outside our studio to pick up and use.

We'll make a book from the feed
During SSDD you are welcome to come and observe while we create a physical book out of the digital feed. We will be working in our storefront window and let passers-by take part in the process. Visitors can influence the digital feed by leaving requests and messages for us outside.

The feed can be followed on Instagram: @scrollandfold
Website for the project: beaststudio.se/scrollandfold