2730 May 2021
2730 May 2021

Project film

Poetry of form

Aiolochroia vase  |  Digital image  |  Nina Songhori Design

Substance + Exploration = Poetry of form

Poetry of form will present some pieces of furniture, jewelry and digital conceptual images created by Italian architect and designer Nina Songhori. The aim of this project is to promote sustainability in architecture and design through material exploration and the employment of new technologies.

Poetry of form is born from the union of three elements: material, technology and formal research. These three elements depend on each other, if you take one of them away Poetry of form will no longer exist. Poetry of form = Substance + Exploration, where substance contains all the research aspects on materials, sustainability, reuse, recycling et cetera and exploration incorporates technology, innovation and formal research.

The focus of this project is on how design can be influenced by digital and technological transformation – through computational design and digital fabrication processes – and how as a result it can modify and change social behaviors – through sustainable consumption – that help combat the environmental crisis.