2730 May 2021
2730 May 2021

Project film


A person standing in front of an artinstallation with a logo

Sculpture + Dance dialogue = PERSPECTI<ES

PERSPECTI<ES is a study of architecture and public spaces based on the installation New Angles, a work by set designer and artist Jeanette Gostomski. With dance as a tool, Gostomski, together with choreographer Emma Ribbing, wants to investigate the spaces in the city – the transformation from old to new, what has been and what is to come.

In Lokstallarna's old industrial train workshop, the artists' design language collaborates and meets in a temporary architecture. Through movement in dialogue with the spatiality of the sculpture, the work wants to elevate different perspectives of the public space and investigate:

– What shapes our vision of the city?

– How do public spaces affect body and mind?

– How is our relationship to a place shaped if it is shaped by the meeting between dance and sculpture?

– How can the meeting between dance and sculpture be used as a tool to talk about our surroundings?