2730 May 2021
2730 May 2021


Open Desk

Almi Creative Industries

Design + Support = Open Desk

Designer? Welcome!

Almi offer individual advice for entrepreneurs. Do you want to learn more about how to turn your project into a viable company? Come and talk to Almi at their Open Desk.

In order to develop an idea or succeed with a new venture, it is important to have a strong will and a drive to achieve your goal. You also need capital and, in many cases, support from experienced advisers who are knowledgeable about growth and operating a business.

No matter what idea you have, or what investment you want to make, you can contact Almi. It can be about developing a service or product from idea to market, need for funding before an expansion or growth, purchase or start-up of a company or an international investment.

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Seminar in Swedish. Link to the event will be distributed to all participants before the event. "Open Desk" is part of the digital seminars organised by Almi and Media Evolution. See the program for full info.

Details? 15 minutes. Digital Q&A. Open for everyone; designers and design companies in all stages. Presented by Almi Skåne.

Who you'll meet?

Kalle Magnusson's background is in design and the creative field. He started multiple companies and worked with graphic design for more than a decade. Now business developer at Almi Skåne.

Extra! Get yourself a personal advisor and business developer. Take the opportunity to book a free meeting with Almi in Malmö. More info at the event.

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