2730 May 2021
2730 May 2021




Clay + Collective = KÄRL

KÄRL (VESSEL) is a collective exhibition by the ceramicists and potters that work in Artibus studios. It is a result of the great diversity that is represented both by those who create there and in the material they work with.

Container, goblet, cup, vase, canteen, jug, bowl

The oldest known objects created in fired earthenware were food vessels, but the vessel has not only a long history as a functional item, it also has a place within the ornamental, the decorative, as sculptural container and during ceremonial occasions. Using different techniques and styles, with a common starting point, the ceramists interpret what a vessel might be to them. What is its function, content or symbolism? Is it tied to an ancient liturgy or modern everyday ritual?

Along with the individual works are also collaborative vessels, created through a game of 'Exquisite corpse' between the potters.


*We follow Folkhälsomyndigheternas rekommendations and will allow a limited number of visitors at a time. If you wish to book a visit email fanny@artibus.nu