2730 May 2021
2730 May 2021


Avoid give-and-throw away

Baltiska utställningen, Malmö, 1914

Promotional merchandise + Circularity = Avoid give-and-throw away

Designers, do you want to take part and brainstorm around the sustainable promotional merchandise of the future? The cities of Malmö and Helsingborg and the project Cirkulära Skåne (The Circular Skåne Region) invites to a workshop with the purpose of investigating new ways to satisfy the need for municipalities to profile their brands.

The event will offer an opportunity for designers, communicators and purchasing professionals at the municipalities, and suppliers of promotional merchandise to meet. The needs for these products vary, depending on the situations where they are used. Municipalities may want to profile their brands through give-aways at conferences or by handing out goodie bags to encourage inhabitants to bicycle more.

We believe that circular design will be key to developing the promotion merchandise of the future. At the workshop participants will learn more about circular design and the needs of municipalities to promote different messages to citizens.

We start with listening to designer Liv Andersson from Stena Recycling AB as she presents the opportunities of circular design. Liv will provide us with the tools to continue to work in smaller groups, where we brainstorm around to the promotion products of the future or how entire promotion concepts can be designed by municipalities.

Please note that this workshop will be held in Swedish

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