2730 May 2021
2730 May 2021


About Birch Bark


Webinar + Nomadic Pavilion = About Birch Bark

Nomadic Pavilion invites you to a seminar with the theme About Birch Bark. Recorded in Lokstallarna, Malmö, with guests from all over Sweden. Traditional use, qualities and the possibilities for the material in the near future based on ecological, economic and qualitative conditions are discussed in this three-part seminar. 

The seminar aims to introduce a broad audience interested in design and architecture to a material that today is an untapped resource in Scandinavian forestry. A multifaceted and high-quality material with long-lasting, durable properties such as natural water resistance and anti-rot capacity.

The seminar is an introducttion to the project Nomadic Pavilion, which is funded by The National Swedish Handicraft Council and Gävleborg Region. The project will result in a mobile pavilion with roofing material made of birch bark. Nomadic Pavilion aim to create a space for dialogue about the Scandinavian forest. An accessible venue in temporary places that may be new and unexpected, where extensive knowledge on the matter can be shared with a wide audience.

The seminar will be available on the Southern Sweden Design Days platform on 27-30 May, after which you will receive updates about the project's continuation on the website for the Nomadic Pavilion.


About Birch Bark Tradition

The first part of three will introduce you to the traditional aspects of birch bark and look at what harvesting birch bark for commercial use has looked like in modern times through an interview with Daniel Eriksson who sold local birch bark at Bygg & Hantverk in Karlskoga.

Monika Björklund from Torsby Finnskogsmuseum will give examples of how the versatile qualities have made the material a durable roofing material historically and still are used in maintenance work today.


About Birch Bark Present

In this part we will present two examples of the use of birch bark as a building and crafts material in contemporary projects, to show how birch bark can be a material in a current design context.

We get to follow architect Jonas Hermansson, Liljewalls Arkitekter and designer Emma Dahlqvist who both worked with birch bark in large-scale projects. Pia Högman will also present the project Nomadic Pavilion and how she think birch bark should be used today.


About Birch Bark Opportunities

In the last part, we'll be introduced to the ecological and political conditions for the birch material in Swedish forestry. First we will visit Felicia Dahlgren Lidman, PhD student at the Department of Forest Ecology and Management; The unit for forest management at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Umeå.

Berit Löfgren has previously been chairman of Gästrike - Hälsinge Hemslöjdsförbund. But it is as unit manager at the Unit for Rural and Growth at the County Administrative Board of Gävleborg that we meet her and her thoughts on whether an alternative forestry that promotes birch forest is something there is room for in the regional forest program that she is now working on. 

Reference film - Nävertäkt, with Karin Lundholm (by Region Gävleborg)