2730 May 2021
2730 May 2021


Official suppliers


We provide services and infrastructure for art and media productions.

We facilitate quality, aesthetics and cultural values.

We trigger creative discourse.

For us at in-discourse quality and aesthetics are the base to design sonic, visual and performative materials.

We produce sound design, films, content, music, but also performing arts. Unlike other companies in our branch, we focus on the design process. We blend our craftmanship and engineering with our artistic knowhow and values to produce tailor-made creative products and art for our customers. 

...others would call it content...

This openness leads us to collaborate beyond technical limitations and integrate our design in many products from films to computer games, installations, hardware, exhibitions, performances, concerts and many more, all over the world.

We are proud to be official supplier to Southern Sweden Design Days, many of the films you see during the festivals have been produced by us.

in-discourse founded in 2015, is based on the artistic directors Emma Ribbing and Silas Bieri who both work internationally in art, education and events since 1999.

The company is located and has its studios at Lokstallarna in Malmö.