2730 May 2021
2730 May 2021


Urban Office


Research + Design = Urban Office

The future of work offers freedom and flexibility to work anywhere and anytime. Despite this, we spend 80–90% of our time indoors. The exhibition Urban Office aim to convince people of the benefits of working outdoor.

Digitalization has slowly changed the norm of how and where work is performed. We are able to work from the park, open air café or at the beach. But even though research tells us that working outside has many benefits, many choose to stay inside. Flying paper, sun glare so that you can’t see the screen and uncomfortable benches are some of the reasons. For others, it is about the work culture: “If you are not in the office, you’re not working.” 

But the Covid pandemic has changed the way we perceive work and the request for outdoor work environments has drastically increased. Therefore it is time to stop and ask the question – How do we design the workplaces of the future if the work is to take place outdoors?

During Southern Sweden Design Days we will show you our answer to the question.

Where: Our products can be viewed on the courtyard of Form/Design Center, Lilla torg 9, 211 34 Malmö

We will be present on May 27 from 10 am - 3 pm for meetings and press.