2730 May 2021
2730 May 2021

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Internet Audience – Unusual Readings

Odd Publications Tweet History Donald Trump

Coding + Print on Demand = Unusual Readings

An emerging publishing house that re-purposes the ephemeral nature of Internet data into tangible objects of printed form. It was founded by programmer Darien Brito and graphic designer Jaap Smit They are driven by information and powered by code.

Odd Publications has initiated a series of projects that use data from various Internet platforms for the automatic generation of books. These seek to re-evaluate our relationship with digital information and to re-purpose online content into analog forms.

They offer a novel form of literature and different modes of reading the World Wide Web. Their methodology is to construct new meanings and narratives via generative design applied to books. They use algorithms for extracting information and exploring aspects of graphic design and typesetting that otherwise would not be attainable.

Their initiative is based on the print-on-demand phenomena, which originated with the idea of offering single-printed, personalised books. They are interested in creating literary forms on demand, based on the online content of a user. They do this by accessing clients online persona’s and gathering data for the creation of literary collections of different sorts.

Video description: Internet Audience: David after the dentist. Observers use comment platforms in YouTube to leave a mark on what they have observed. The reverse can be actualised. The observer becomes the observed when their words transcend the scrolling page and become the content of this indexed dictionary. Search for a letter, skim through the comments. Is there a different weight on a printed opinion? What is the content and what is the medium? Video for: Odd Publications Editing: Jaap Smit Music: Edited sound of Youtube Video; David After Dentist Voice: Edited voices of David's dad & David