2730 May 2021
2730 May 2021

Project film

Printed Meters / Film


Textile Print + The Workshop = Printed Meters / Film

Textiltryck Malmö is an artist-run collective workshop located in a yellow town house in the centre of Malmö. Here, artists, designers and artisans share a workshop, a gallery, and their experience. Our members hand-print everything from unique monumental works to product series in small editions. The workshop is professionally equipped with several long printing tables, a dyeing machine, a fixing oven and so on. But our most important asset is the accumulated knowledge that our members bring, and share with each other.

Tryckta meter (Printed meters) is a textile installation, a landscape of hand-printed fabrics, designed by 12 of the workshop members. The installation highlights the craft's unique expression and possibilities, while at the same time questioning the contemporary attitude towards textiles as a fast and cheap product with a short lifespan.

It is easy to be fooled by cheap prices for textiles from interior design department stores. And it can be difficult as a consumer to understand the difference between locally produced, long-term sustainable craftsmanship, and mass-produced textiles with an enormous environmental impact.

To achieve a sustainable society, we need to change our consumption patterns. And consumers need to learn to value and choose slow design over rapidly changing trends.

The installation Tryckta Meter makes a case for genuine craftsmanship that encourages well-considered choices of products that will last a long time. It is also a gesture against mass production where fabrics are produced under poor conditions and with an enormous environmental impact.

We simply want to encourage a sustainable approach to textiles.


  • Participating in the film: Josabet Werkmäster, Margareta Heijkenskjöld Holmgren, Marie Wetterstrand och Matilda Ekström. 
  • Project manager: Matilda Ekström och Karin Olu Lindgård.
  • Filming: Joen Bergenrud
  • Editing: Gustav Olsson 
  • Textiles shows in the video: Trädgårdsvandring by Ivar Lantz and Elvira Varghans, Tillståndets konsekvens by Dyveke Zadig, Naked Flow by Sofia Lindeberg and Hannah Runnqvist. Motherhood by Karin Olu Lindgård, Midnight Landscape by Matilda Ekström, Stänglar by Jytte Olsson, Position by Josabet Werkmäster and Margareta Heijkenskjöld Holmgren, Ally by Karin Lindh and Leucemiceller by Marie Wetterstrand.