2730 May 2021
2730 May 2021


Sustainable futures

Compostable amenity kit

Design + Systems = Sustainable futures

This installation presents a selection of projects by OnMateria and takes the opportunity to rethink this era of change with you. How could we transform uncertain times into a fairer and more sustainable future?

Our guess: Design + Systems = Sustainable Futures

We will be presenting our design process used in two proposals for a more sustainable future. Green Box, a circular amenity kit for hotel bathrooms, and for Baked, a bio-based snowboard. 

Baked is our take into carbon neutral sports, a fully organic snowboard made with natural fibres. Outdoor sport equipment is usually made with toxic materials, although being used by nature lovers. To try to solve this contradiction, we have been researching bio-composites since 2013, to be able to join performance with a consciousness for nature.

Closing loops is a way to create sustainable systems. Green Box is a circular amenity kit for hotel bathrooms, designed to help tackle plastic waste generated by the hospitality industry. Produced in compostable plastic, these items are paired with a disposal box in each room.  In that way the guest can already separate the green components to be industrially composted. Because, do you know that most biodegradable plastics do not decompose outside industrial facilities?

Come to share our take on circular economy and sustainable materials. We have an indoor exhibition together with a window display and online material. At the time of this publication the official recommendations welcome a max. of 8 people at a time inside the RE:DO cafe but please check our Instagram for updates.