2730 May 2021
2730 May 2021

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Studio Visits – Håwi + Mirabella Roberti


Håwi + Mirabella Roberti

Meet local designers in their natural habitat – their studios. You’ll get to peak into different studios and get a glimpse of their brilliant projects.

Håwi + Mirabella Roberti is a Malmö / Stockholm / Milan-based design duo that explores the boundaries between Italian and Swedish traditions and modern product design. Sofie Håwi and Tommaso Mirabella-Roberti are industrial designers trained in Sweden and Italy, giving them a unique perspective. This is especially evident in the Column Collection. The series consists of porcelain cups and vases that show the fusion between digital and traditional production. The Column Collection is created using 3D printer and classic molding. Color appearance and intensity are unique in each object, and collections and print layers are highlighted to embrace the production processes.