2730 May 2021
2730 May 2021


Pottery for everyday life and for pleasure

Blue Ceramic Bowls

Clay + Glaze = Pottery for everyday life and for pleasure

Exhibition and open studio together with the project “Milliner meets Female painter”. The exhibition features Kent Skoog’s handmade ceramics on the theme “to everyday life and for fun, to garden and to table”.

The pottery can be used to decorate the garden, be used as a utility or to decorate a place. Based on sketches or during the work on the clay, the objects are formed, which are then dried, glazed and burned to about 1250 degrees. The glazes are my own blends with their own characteristics and expressions. Some objects can be glazed and burned several times to get their special expression.

In good weather we have serving of "GOFIKA" - coffee with home-baked, outdoors in a lush garden.