2730 May 2021
2730 May 2021

Project film

The mixed up project 02


Metall + Glass = The mixed up project

The mixed up project is the collaboration between silversmith Jenny Kåberg and glass artist Katarina Thorstensson where they will explore and question their respective materials and ways of working.

In this project they will research fresh new ideas, create new shapes and test the limits of metal and glass as well as their individual working methods. The process of merging the two elements is not only to translate each other’s design language, but also for the two materials to connect in a way that speaks as one piece. With the creation of fun and colourful accessories, their dazzling cocktail rings are not just about colour and shape, but also about movement and sound for a playful approach to jewellery design. 

Through engaging conversations and exciting meetings they have found their own private space where dynamic and joyous creativity is main focus. They challenge each others ways of thinking and working to test the limits of what they can achieve. This new international design event was the kickstart needed for making this collaboration to finally happen.