2730 May 2021
2730 May 2021


Kristina Lugn and the kiss

Sonja Nordgren bonader

Scania tradition + Contemporary Scania embroidery = Kristina Lugn and the kiss

Sonja Nordgren’s embroideries are inspired by reality as well as fiction, by contemporary events as well as tapestries from castles and estates.

At Southern Sweden Design Days Nordgren will exhibit two pieces of embroideries. Kristina Lugn and the kiss draws inspiration from when the Swedish poet Kristina Lugn appeared on TV and from her book read the following line, “the frog she kissed did not turn into a prince, the red frog is poisonous”. God or Darwin? connect to Nordgren’s childhood. The priest in Sunday school had such an influence on her that when she at eight years old listened to the radio and a lecture on Darwin, where he claimed that man originates from the ape, she was deeply shocked, “what are the adult’s trying to get us to believe?”.