2730 May 2021
2730 May 2021



Humanity project

Sustainability + Recycling = Compassion

By creating sustainable design, you can also make Malmö more humane for those who live here.

Compassion is a clothes collection linked to Malmö. When we think of Malmö, we think of the sea, concrete, and new meets old. We have created a collection of jeans and silk entirely from used fabrics and recycled clothes donated to our second-hand shop.

The garments in jeans are made by volunteers from our Textile Workshop who are free to create and be innovative. The textile workshop is largely run by volunteers and people who intern at the Red Cross. Here, textiles and clothes donated to the Red Cross are utilized and remade into new products. Brand new fashion is created from old clothes that are donated to us. Our ambition is to offer an inspiring meeting place with a creative atmosphere where everyone feels welcome while at the same time contribute to a humane Malmö.

The suit in silk is the result of a collaboration with Ohlsson's Tailoring where we want to show our cooperation with other parties and how to make use of recycled material.

By reusing what already exists and repairing and remodelling fabrics and textiles that would otherwise be thrown away, materials and products are given a second chance. Our new products then become resources for our other operations in Malmö.We love sustainability and aim for a socially sustainable society. We work to develop meeting places and activities that create social interactions and participation while we strive for a sustainable environment. We are here in Malmö to help Malmö.

The idea is to recycle old garments and textiles as well as to support the entire Red Cross. In this way, the climate footprint is reduced while we contribute to a socially sustainable society, which is the reasoning behind Sustainability + Recycling = Compassion.

The textile workshop is primarily run by volunteers and trainees at the Red Cross. Here, textiles and clothes donated to the Red Cross are recreated into new products. Old is turned into new. In the process of producing new products, the starting point is always need and function and multi-purpose is a desirable feature.