2730 May 2021
2730 May 2021

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Design Adaptation

Studio Eva Levin design adaptation ssdd

Tellus + Material = Design adaptation

What if we included in our designs only reusable and biodegradable materials? In an effort not only to challenge ourselves, but to also bring us closer to our planet.

No single design, art piece, or system will save us unless we as humans start changing the ways we make our products and give back to the very thing that sustains us. If we start finding better ways to create without taking advantage of nature; to give back what we take. How can we improve the world and take care of our planet? How can we make our world a much better place to live and co-exist in with nature and each other? 

The theme of the Southern Sweden Design Days will be all about sustainability and design adaptation. To ReUse, ReThink and ReDesign.