2730 May 2021
2730 May 2021



Candytuft: Ebba Lindgren & Maria O'Brian

Tongue Tied + Flower Language = Candytuft

Do you feel suffocated by your last Tinder date, but don’t feel like ghosting just yet?

Are you scared of conflict, but feel the need to tell someone politely to fuck off?

Are you jealous of your friend, but don't know how to approach the subject?

Candytuft codes messages into floral collages, using the flower language invented by the modest lords and ladies of the Victorian era. By packaging difficult messages into beautiful bouquets, we soften the blow! Our everlasting flowers are made of paper, textile, yarn and plywood.

Want our help? Call or text our hotline on: 072 0411 848 and come visit our kiosk during Southern Sweden Design Days for a chance to see your message translated. 

Drop by and wait outside if the kiosk is full!

/Ebba & Maria