2730 May 2021
2730 May 2021


Birds of Light / Oiseaux de Lumière

Bird of Light

Nature + Sculpture = Birds of Light / Oiseaux de Lumière

In the exhibition “Birds of Light / Oiseaux de Lumière” the artist Pierre Racine shows a series of sculptures inspired by nature, animals and spiritedness. Visitors are invited to explore luminous objects - a result of Racines studies of art, design and natural materials. 

The complexity, power and mysterious beauty of nature makes the human feel curious, calm and is able to open one’s mind. The sculptures are imagined as if nature itself has created them to provide a warm and benevolent light. This is the epicenter of the artist’s work. 

The “Birds of Light / Oiseaux de Lumière” exhibition showcases craftsmanship, woodworking, sculpture as well as a creative’s lively imagination of solid objects coming to life. Wood, glass, metal and stone are the main components of the pieces of art created by the French artisan.