2730 May 2021
2730 May 2021


Adorno 1 + 1 = 3 Virtual


Southern Sweden Design Collection

The Copenhagen-based gallery 'Adorno – The Curated Digital Gallery for Collectible Design' invites us to both a virtual and a physical exhibition where they will present the new Southern Sweden Design Days collection "1 + 1 = 3" with selected items by southern Swedish designers.

Visit the virtual exhibition

Adorno will show the collection in a 150 sqm design pavilion designed totally in wood by Malmö-based architectural firm Förstberg Ling. The design pavilion and the selected objects are displayed both digitally in a virtual 3D exhibition and physically at the old railway workshop Lokstallarna in Malmö.

The modular and reusable pavilion, which was shown for the first time at the London Design Fair in cooperation with Form/Design Center and Swedish Wood, is now being set up by the vocational high school Yrkesgymnasiet i Malmö

Visit the physical exhibition here»

Presentation of the collection:

Andréason & Leibel, “Transmit Receive” Audio Bench

“Transmit Receive” is a place for contemplation, an open structured audio bench / side table made of readily available building materials such as medium density fibre board and gold galvanized angle brackets. Equipped with two premium SEAS full-range speaker drivers, it gives an enveloping audio sensory experience.

Kunsik Choi, “Pond Table Small” & “Pond Table Large”

“Pond” Table was inspired by rain water on asphalt. It conveys the experience and feeling of when small puddles reflect surrounding buildings and the sky above. Just as the shapes of puddles on asphalt are different, the table top is also produced differently, so that each top plate has a unique shape by redrawing it every time.

LAB LA BLA, “Liquid Liquorice”

“Liquid Liquorice” is a liquorice fudge inspired bench, hand sculpted from a solid block of diabase. An adventurous exploration of the liquid and heterogeneous state of the material. Mined from a local quarry in Brännhult.

Louise Hederström, “Lichen Leftovers”

The “Lichen Leftovers” mirror is part of a project where Louise Hederström investigates and shapes discarded lichen from Nordgröna’s production of sound absorbers. She pushes the boundaries of what is considered junk or product in a series of unique handmade mirrors.

Markus Emilsson, “Bombastico” Vase (Purple/Pink)

“Bombastico” is a rich glass vase that is blown in a semi-open mold that allows the hot glass to swell out. The construction of the mold and the living character of the glass make each vase unique, leading to slight variations in shape and size. Made in a small-scale production which allows Markus Emilsson to constantly vary colors and try different combinations.

Karolina Brobeck & Mina Karami, “SANT” Sculpture

“SANT” is a collection of sculptures designed and hand-made by Mina Karami and Karolina Brobeck. The designers’ vision was to make sculptures created with different parts, not being afraid of the empty space in between them. The result: a multi-piece sculpture where the separate parts need each other to be able to stand. By putting the parts together, they unite.

Malmö Upcycling Service (M.U.S.), “Knit Together”

“Knit Together” is a room divider made from thick ribbons of blue Razzle Dazzle textiles connecting Really Solid Textile Boards – a solid sheet material made by compressing end-of-life textiles. In keeping with MUS’s philosophy, the divider used only second-choice textiles from the Kvadrat Febrik knitted textiles collection. The Really boards, which lend rigidity to Knit Together, are custom-made from densely compressed knitted fabrics.

Polymorf, “Tripod” Sculpture

The “Tripod” sculpture is part of a collection of objects that aim to express the inherent liveliness of matter through form and processs. It is built from 3D printed, glazed ceramic bricks that are filled with a mixture of cement and volcanic stone granulates and is assembled using mortar.

Sara Sjöbäck, “Sluren” Glass Lamp

The “Sluren” glass lamp was originally commissioned by the Swedish Institute in Paris. It is mouth blown and produced in a limited edition. Each year has a new color. The color for 2021 is clear, transparent glass. There are still a couple of pink ones to be ordered as the original color.

VI PÅ ÖN, “Kubb”

“Kubb” is part of an investigative project that challenges the norm where form follows function. What happens if form, texture, and color comes first, and can function be found at a later stage in the process? Made out of solid wood with a hand carved texture.