2730 maj 2021
2730 maj 2021
ZigZagZurich fabric in SSDD Studio

Specialdesignat ZigZagZurich tyg skapar ett rum för SSDD Studio i Lokstallarna.

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ZigZagZurich is a lifestyle brand founded and based in Switzerland in 2013. Our interest in off–stream and our passion for design led us to looking at the ready made home textiles and accessories market and thinking what was missing.

As demand grows for more art and design and less mass commerce in products, ZigZagZurich appeals to consumers who appreciate originality and good design. We offer consumers a new way to enjoy art in textile formats whilst supporting artists and discovering new talent. ZigZagZurich offers a range of home textiles and accessories produced from the finest luxury materials without the luxury price tag. ZigZagZurich is a global brand shipping to all continents around the world.

ZigZagZurich was the brainchild of two people from two different backgrounds, design and technology with one shared vision - to bring a new dimension into lifestyle products sold to consumers globally and powering the design community with a fresh business approach embracing social and ecological aspects at the same time.