2730 May 2021
2730 May 2021
Three people walk across a beach in Skåne

Photo: Apelöga

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Tourism in Skåne

At Tourism in Skåne we work towards a sustainable future as part of a caring and welcoming world. Tourism contributes to society through greater employment, sales and important tax revenue. But we won’t stop there. We want to do more, reach further. 

We all need to work in the same direction to solve global challenges. Tourism is the third largest export industry in the world and creates the economic conditions to live a better life. It increases understanding between people. But it can also put a strain on the places visited. We have to make sure that tourism is not part of the problem. Tourism should be part of the solution.

At Tourism in Skåne we work towards promoting sustainable growth throughout Skåne. Our work is always done in collaboration with others, and in order to have a common strategy we have launched Tourism matters – a strategic roadmap for Skåne towards 2030. Our strategy focuses on increasing the influence of tourism on the political agenda. We want to involve both the locals and visitors in order to achieve a caring and responsible sense of hospitality and guestpitality. We want all of Skåne to be buzzing all year round, through a balanced flow of visitors. And we want to create conditions for innovation, and thus, increased adaptability. This is how we work towards making tourism a part of the solution for a sustainable future!

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Tourism in Skåne at Southern Sweden Design Days

Our press trip for international design media. Read more about our work with press here. Our panel discussions on co-creation, design, tourism and the nature experiences of the future.

About Tourism in Skåne

Tourism in Skåne is one of four subsidiaries within Business Region Skåne, with the mission to develop and market the region of Skåne internationally. Common to the subsidiaries is an endeavor to strengthen the Skåne brand and to increase the national and international attractiveness of the destination. Tourism in Skåne coordinates marketing and destination development for sustainable growth in Skåne.

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