2730 May 2021
2730 May 2021


Wood & Fabric


Textile design + Furniture carpentry= Wood & Fabric

Wood & Fabric is a collaboration between Jerker Inredning & Form and Lantz / Varghans.

We have together worked out a collection of furniture with the meeting between carpentry and pattern design in focus. These works will be shown in Jerker's showroom at Helmfeltsgatan 9c in Malmö.

We will present the project by building a room with our common works. Here, as a visitor, you will be able to walk around, feel the materials, see the details and experience the craft up close. On site you will also be able to buy textiles and order the products shown.

Jerker Inredning & Form has its carpentry on Norra Grängesbergsgatan in Malmö and showroom on Helmfeltsgatan. The company consists of four furniture carpenters who work with site-built bookshelves / wardrobes and furniture design.

Lantz / Varghans is a designer duo consisting of Elvira Varghans and Ivar Lantz. The duo works with both graphic design and pattern reporting. The work with textile printing takes place at KKV Textil in Malmö, where the duo produce both the pattern report with paper and scissors and then hand-print on the workshop's eleven-meter-long printing table.