2730 May 2021
2730 May 2021

Open house

Wästberg Lighting


“One eye sees + the other feels” = How we perceive the world

In close collaboration with leading architects and designers, Wästberg creates technologically driven, economically viable and environmentally conscious lighting. Lighting that answers to fundamental human needs, both physical and emotional, and adapts to these needs as they evolve and shift. 

Paul Klee’s elegant observation that “one eye sees, the other feels” is an excellent summary of Wästberg’s lighting philosophy. They believe that light answers to two kinds of needs – physical and emotional – and therefore, they need to consider both its measurable and its immeasurable qualities.

During Southern Sweden Design Days Wästberg’s showroom will be open by appointment. You’re very welcome to visit them to discuss their lighting philosophy, and to touch and feel their products.

Please send an email to Wästberg to reserve a time for your visit. Wästberg welcomes one visitor/company at a time.