2730 May 2021
2730 May 2021



Ride – screentryck och bortskurna remsor.

Bortfall + Infall = Utfall

Jollygoodfellow Printing Studio work in the borderland between art, craft and design. Since the start sustainability has been an important aspect of the work.

In several areas the duo work with a graphic expression from the design to the final piece, including artisanal printing. Focus is on the hand printed poster, serigraphy. It often starts with a photograph which is adjusted digitally and transfered to a screen frame. All the posters are printed by hand in the garage printing shop. 

In printing, ”utfall” or bleed is the extra space that will be trimmed off at the end of the printing process. Occasionally, these paper strips (the bleed) have also been experimented with. There have also been experiments with layer upon layer on test prints. In this exhibition the primarily focus is on the discarded pieces which get a new chance in the limelight.