2730 May 2021
2730 May 2021



Two ceramic blocks in the making process.

Form + Tactility = Subtleness

Subtleness is an artistic study about form and tactility of objects, with the combination of digital fabrication and handicraft. With the exploration of multiple materials, traditional and modern techniques, Subtleness aims to learn how visual and tactile sensations unconsciously influence people both physically and mentally – something that exists but is ignored in our daily life.

The object of the Subtleness collection can be a wooden sculpture, which is dyed with Chinese ink, then coated with natural lacquer to conserve it from moisture and abrasion. It gives people a healing feeling when holding it with hand. Through time, it can reveal a nicer surface by reacting with oxygen and skin oil.

It can also be a ceramic block with various textures and uneven glazes, which freezes the moment depicted in the work of art. Subtleness attempts to bring both geometry and primitive forms without a defining function to the audience, to create a mental space that they can conceive and transform into a personal memory, unique individually.

Please find the digital exhibition via @jingbeizheng.