2730 May 2021
2730 May 2021


Spill piece


Spill + Handicraft = Spill piece

Spill piece is a conceptual collection of unique hand-sewn Rona objects made from waste material from the well renowned furniture factory, Gärsnäs. Creating a collection exclusively from waste material is, not only a physical limitation, but a creative liberation resulting in a unique Spill piece collection. 

The intuitive design process is, together with the quality craftmanship and material, the core values of Rona. The Rona objects are ethically crafted in the Rona atelier with the aim of contributing to a more sustainable way of carrying one’s luggage. During an era of vast consumption, Rona encourages the art of slowing down. Instead of following the conventional fashion seasons and collection drops, Rona creates pieces that last longer than a trend. We hope to inspire a more sustainable way of living. To own less for longer. To love and to care for one’s objects. All of the Rona pieces are hand-sewn in vegetable tanned leather.