2730 May 2021
2730 May 2021

Window display


handcrafted earrings

Design + Handicraft = Odd form

My odd forms reflect nature. Either honouring the wonderful female shape, which I find myself drawing to more fall in love with my own, or they are based on the movements and forms of nature. These are two motives I keep returning to since they are subjects I truly care about.   

The wonky lines, and the not so perfect proportions are what makes me love the work more, so it made question why I felt the need to hate my own shape for so long. Art is a therapy for me, and even more so when I can practice it to then become closer to my own body and feel like I am honouring it and it’s wonderful energy it should hold. 

I want this project, in which I embroider one-of-a-kind motives on tote bags as well as create unique earrings in clay, to inspire the viewer. To inspire them to love their bodies and to feel closer to nature perhaps?