2730 May 2021
2730 May 2021


Nio Liv Design

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Cat + Walk = Nio Liv Design

Nio Liv Design are three freelance creators who together find new contexts. Cecilia Waxberg, illustrator and designer, Karin Oscarsson, clothing designer and scenographer, Cissi Glave, recycler and creator utilize and re-uses previous design projects that thus get one, three or nine new lives.

Together, they create long durable designs. During Southern Sweden Design Days you can admire their creations at Community Works, Västergatan 31 B in Malmö. Look, contemplate, feel and be inspired by three times three different expressions, different materials and different styles. Design with timeless graphic expressions you’ll never get tired of. A garment with multifunctionality becomes a whole wardrobe of possibilities. Old shoes that literally hang around a lot longer. Old stuff and ideas become new when you change perspectives.