2730 May 2021
2730 May 2021

Window display

A natural meeting place

Selected work from the Kobjer square project by Lydia Harris

Design + Sustainable urban development = A natural meeting place

Transforming Kobjer square from a passive meeting place to an active one with the help of sustainable design.

The project brief was to develop activities on Kobjer square in Lund, and create the physical conditions for doing so. This activity will help to create a natural meeting place for people living in this part of Lund.

Inspiration and information on urban planning and sustainable urban development were obtained from the Faculty of Engineering, Lund University, Lund City and VA City. Lund's School of Art and Design selected five focus areas. Water, analog entertainment for everyone, biodiversity, outdoor kitchens/restaurants/cafes and lighting.

During the design process, we identified various issues and needs to be addressed in relation to the community and proposed various concepts. Our proposals were conveyed in sketches and models and submitted to the City of Lund and VA Syd.

Lund´s School of Art and Design

The collaboration with the City of Lund

In the 1950s, a major change occurred in this part of the city, Kobjer. The new area, Grödan and the square were built around this time. The Kobjer square was surrounded by multi-family houses and shops.

70 years later, there is little life or activity in the square. Today there is a lack of community awareness and the square needs to be recognized again as a common place. In collaboration between the Lund School of Art and Design and the City of Lund, with the help of sustainable design, we developed a new idea for the use of Kobjer square.

Lars Brobeck, Park superintendent,
Parks and Nature Division, Engineering management, Lund City

During Southern Sweden Design Days A natural meeting place is presented in the windows of Folkuniversitetet on Regementsgatan 4 in Malmö.