2730 May 2021
2730 May 2021

Project film


Person med Östra Grevies flagga

Meet + More = Movement

New meetings, more meetings, people, curiosity and knowledge. The design process is constantly moving. As a preparatory art and design education, Östra Grevie Folk High School has been a good foundation and start for many of Sweden's artists and designers. Creativity flows.

Movement – an exhibition where we move freely between art and design.

Project I – Textile art and design

The students at the arts program Textile art and design were asked to use Swedish textile history and textile printing, between the 1920s to the 1950s, as a point of reference, when they created their piece.

The result consists of 21 meters of handprinted fabric that will be exhibited at Östra Grevie’s showroom on Kopparbergsgatan, in Malmö, along with other pieces from the same educational program.

The exhibition will be showcased digitally through films – one showcasing the exhibition, the other an interview study of the artists’ thoughts and visions for the future.

The pieces are created by students who graduate 2020/21 and 2021/22.

Project II – Graphic design – Visual communication and New Media

“In this past year, the word distance has come to take on a whole new meaning for many of us. We have heard it been said by the leaders of our country, and we have had to interpret and adjust to its new meaning.

Distance from friends and family. Distance in the street, distance at the food market. Distance from the school where we used to meet. Our time at Östra Grevie has not been as anticipated. School years that were to be filled with socialization, new friends, and long days in a creative environment, has instead unfolded in front of a screen.  

Together, we have created a catalogue where we interpret the distance that has been imposed upon us. The project, that resulted in this catalogue, has been a way for us to find that sense of community that we largely been deprived of.

Here, we will exhibit a few chosen pieces from the catalogue. To take part of the full project, follow us at @distansartbook on Instagram, or visit our physical exhibition Distans at Stapeln in Malmö 4-6 of June.”


  • Sofia Kroon Walter
  • Anna Swedberg
  • Yoko Akiama
  • Katarina Höglund 
  • Martyna Zvirblyté
  • Heléne Lundhag Dyson
  • Amanda Artberger
  • Ebba Lundahl
  • Moa Johnsson
  • Napawadee Autsawanon
  • Jenny Palmblad
  • Cassandra Söderström
  • Linnea Leander
  • Saga Knutsson
  • Lisa Wikström
  • Moa Ålund
  • Michaela Mejàre
  • Elin Meertens