2730 May 2021
2730 May 2021

Open house

Kulladal Tjugotalsköket

Kulladal Kitchens photo: Apelöga

20 + 20 = Kulladal Tjugotalsköket

Kulladal Tjugotalsköket will open the doors to their showroom inviting everyone to experience the 1920-kitchen made for a new century.

Kulladal Tjugotalsköket takes inspiration from a decade when kitchens were customized, build by hand and made in solid wood. The kitchens are created  using traditional craftsmanship combined with modern function. Come and visit the showroom and experience the unique kitchens, structures, colors and materials. Maybe you are about to plan your own 1920-kitchen, Kulladal Tjugotalsköket will show you how!

Drop-in visits with a few visitors at a time for a safe experience.