2730 May 2021
2730 May 2021


Illusion of Home

Anna Resei illusion of home carpet

Craft + Narrative = Illusion of Home

Illusion of Home consists of a hand tufted carpet, a room divider with a curtain and interactive lamps.

The multiple objects in the scenery of Illusion of Home are pointing to ideas of home and nomadism. The curtain divides the space into public and private zones – concealing and revealing at the same time, the gaze is pulled towards it. The curtain is variable in nature and consists of multiple patterns and layers of varying density and opacity, which can be adapted and modified with magnetic fixtures. The division of the curtain into two halves allows entering at the threshold between inside and outside. The patterns have been generated with a custom processing computer program and then digitally printed.

The carpet designed for the scenery of Illusion of Home is a playfully fragmented shape designed to work together with the creature-like lamps. The three different pile heights modulate the geometric shapes and give them depth. The carpet is entirely hand tufted out of New Zealand wool.

The series of interactive lamps inhabiting the space of Illusion of Home are figurative worm-like creatures, with a soft textile-like surface. In their rest position they are off. Once you topple them over they slowly start to glow, until they are put back to sleep again. Each of the three lamps has a different geometric body and demands a different way of interaction – this way they become individuals.