2730 May 2021
2730 May 2021

Fashion show

High fashion


Coogi + Unicorn poop = High fashion

Hello, welcome to me on Beyond Us. I will be on site and show off some sweaters and a few occasional sculptures. You will have the possibility to order a uniquely painted garment made on demand by me.

A little more about me and my art:
Had I been asked what do you do? I probably would not have been able to answer that. It needs an entry or starting point for me to be able to explain myself in a clear way. I'll still try.

I work in a naive and colorful way to create joy and thoughtfulness. I think the important thing is that you understand the image not that it's exact. In my creation, I want to explore and experiment with our society's invisible and visible frames in order to be able to expand them and create according to thoughtfulness.