2730 May 2021
2730 May 2021


Fy bubblan

Fy Bubblan

Contemporary + Glass = Fy bubblan

Fy bubblan is a collection of glass vases investigating and challenging our perception of glass and its production. 

Instead of mass producing identical objects by manipulating glass to fill a cavity, the glass is blown in a modular and open mold that guides the glass and gives it the freedom to expand naturally. Fy bubblan expresses the convergence (and collision) of glass traditions, norms and contemporary design when the designers role is being questioned and redefined. The vases are all blown in the same mold made of wood, in collaboration with Sweden’s Kingdom of Crystal’s last remaining old school glasswork, Bergdalahyttan. Fy bubblan is a mild swearing in Swedish and directly translated to “oh bubble!”.