2730 May 2021
2730 May 2021

Outdoor installation




Folkitecture is about bringing back woodcraft traditions to today's building productions. The project manifests the woodcraft by building a kiosk with timbering techniques that have dominated Swedish building production for centuries.

The word architecture can be divided into the prefix archi- which originally means highest or master. The second part -tektur comes from the Greek tekton which means carpenter or wood craftsman. The composition of these words then becomes the master carpenter. The project wants to turn the authorities upside down and give back the building culture to the people. The prefix folki- means the traditions of the majority as opposed to the ruling class. The composition folkitecture means traditional wood crafts from below. The woodwork is a counter-reaction to the industrial production of our time, where the popular building culture has been replaced by a few specialists and capitalists.

Folk architecture should be seen as an artistically critical practice that activates, manifests and reconstructs an interplay of the productive forces of the material world: the tree, the hand and the work. A link between the hands, the thoughts in the head and the material being processed, which creates joy of work and a production process beyond the industry's soul-destroying work processes.

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