2730 May 2021
2730 May 2021


Finding utopia

Finding Utopia 14

Design + Circularity = Finding utopia

The aim of the project was to design rugs that can be part of a circular cycle without losing its aesthetic and physical qualities. The project consists of three series of multilayer woven rugs.

In the duality of the Finding Utopia universe, nature and buildings have collided and the boundary between reality and fantasy is diffuse. Nature has begun to take over and the diffuse dualities mean that you do not really know what is pleasant or unpleasant. The universe is founded on the existential topics of how we want to live, the climate crisis and digital development.

By creating products that can be used year after year and recycled when the product is obsolete, we can come closer to sustainable consumption and production.

Finding Utopia is a bid on how to create carpets that can be part of a circular cycle with a thick and soft quality that can be used as a sitting surface. The carpets are woven in layers to create three-dimensionality and its construction allows the carpet to be separated or recycled whole as the carpet is made without latex glue in 100% wool. To extend the use of the carpet, it has two different sides that give the user two designs in one, which creates flexibility for changing room or living situation.