2730 May 2021
2730 May 2021


Dumt café

Bild på keramiken från dum keramik

Fika + ceramics = Dumt café

Dumt café is an exhibition and a temporary café. 

In Siri Skillgate’s project, Dum keramik, she explores how industrial processes can be translated to a smaller scale. New and traditional techniques are combined in applications and products, often decorated with playful motifs such as her signature smiley.

How does the place where Dum keramik belong look like, and how does Dum keramik look like in a café? This exhibition presents the world in which Siri Skillgate’s ceramics exists and invites the visitor to have a seat and a fika. 

Visit Dumt café at AGU for coffee and pastry served on the café’s unique tableware. 

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