2730 May 2021
2730 May 2021


Dinner is served AFK


Tactile + Auditive = Dinner is served AFK

The artwork, Dinner is served AFK, pose questions about our relation to our body and to our consumption (of it). The installation of a set table brings the past and the future together in a visual and auditive exploration of our habits, an invitation to evoke an alternative circle of life. 

The ceremonial aspects of a meal can not be underestimated. The meal is origo in a system where the human being and the environment consociate. As we take in the surrounding world into ourselves, nature turns into body and the past is incorporated into the future. The act of consuming can be done carelessly and carefully, detached and attached according to behaviour. If we begin to comprehend the impact of our corporeality, how will the value of existence itself be demonstrated non-economically by us?  

Photo header: Lisa Ernberg