2730 May 2021
2730 May 2021


Design upwards the walls!!?

Design uppåt väggarna

Design + Locally = Design upwards the walls!!?

With a genuine interest in creativity and form, two different projects that have grown from an idea sketch to a developed end product are presented by a skilled craftsman, and then gladly locally produced! The word Design has become a pretty worn word today! So with the title ”Design up the walls !!?” Ulf want to present, with a little ”glint in the eye”, two projects that can decorate your wall in the office or at home.

Wall shelf VågrätLodrät: (HorizontalVertical)

Wood, shape and function collected in a specially designed wall shelf, locally produced by a fine carpenter. A unique shape simplification gives the shelf flexible features with its clean lines. The wood material is Swedish ash, chosen because it reflects Swedish form with its simple light purity.
Please visit the website: vagratlodrat.se 

Poster Typografiskt

Typography, form and color that together describe different places, feelings, birth poster or you can order something personal. With an idea of ​​chosen typography and color, for example the poster describes the place in a unique, playful, and sometimes somewhat difficult to read, way.
You also get a small education in typography through a small info text in the bottom right corner.
Please visit the website: typografiskt.se