2730 May 2021
2730 May 2021


Design & Posthumanism Network

Design and Posthumanism Network

Multispecies + Future-making = Design & Posthumanism Network

In this panel, members of the Design & Posthumanism Network will present and discuss work that has taken place during Southern Sweden Design Days. This includes activities such as mineral walks, hypnosis to get rid of meat addiction and the un/making of hand pollination. 

You are invited to listen in and contribute with your own questions and reflections on questions such as: How can designers and design researchers act in a time of planetary challenges? Is there a problem with human-centred design? What networks are involved in design?

You and Thomas Laurien, Kristina Lindström, Erik Sandelin, Petra Lilja, Åsa Ståhl, Li Jönsson


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Saturday 29th May between 4-5.30 pm

Design & Posthumanism Network engages with posthumanism in design practice, education and research. Members are designers and scholars, based in Sweden or its neighbouring regions, who want to nourish our curiosity and belief regarding the need for designers to pay better attention to non-human earthlings like other animals, plants, and everything in-between and beyond. Together they want to explore how design practice, education and research can grow and thrive in contact with posthumanism – and how designerly and artistic skills, methods and approaches at the same time can contribute to posthumanism.