2730 May 2021
2730 May 2021

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Souvenirs from a Clear-cut


The forest + What was left = Souvenirs from a Clear-cut

Pia Högman shows objects created based on the experience of a clear-cut forrest and what is left after the felling. 

In April 2021, Högman visited the family house in the forests of her childhood in Närke. The cottage was previously enclosed by a dense, old forest. Today the small red house stands lonly on an empthy clear-cut. In what used to be a forest, there are brush-wood, branches, bark and fast-growing grass and flower species. Clear traces of felling by machines can be seen on stumps and the remains.

In the project Souvenirs from a Clear-cut, the designer has used the remains that of the forest or developed products for the species that grow there today. The products are a commentary on today's fast and often ruthless felling methods where entire forests are cleared and the species and diversity that previously existed in the forest are rapidly replaced.