2730 May 2021
2730 May 2021


Beyond freedom

There is wooden table with three thin legs besides there is women in a manual wheelchair

Design + Disability = Beyond freedom

Design meets disability will showcase the first furniture collection of Lilla elefant design group. The collection is various experimental works aiming to challenge the perception of the norm and introduce new possibilities of the furniture. On the market today, the needs of people with different bodies have been silenced and the lack of choices of furniture for different bodies caused inequality of freedom to choose lifestyles. This project broadens people's views about the quality of life beyond freedom. 

Although historically the design has brought a high quality of life to humans, the benefits did not go to everyone, unfortunately. Most of the furniture is designed for non-disabled bodies. When it comes to home furniture for the disabled, there are medically functional products available on the market.  

Lilla Elefant Group questioned the phenomena and looked deep into the obstacles of people with disabilities to make their daily lives easier and more beautiful. Four pieces of home furnishing collections will be shown to the audience in Malmö. The dining table, tea table, wardrobe, cabinet are carefully designed and tailored to the height of the sitting people and considered the movements of the users. Designing furniture for a different body is that not only we can target our niche market in the major furniture industry, but also challenge the perception of the norm.

All the products are made of wood materials used by traditional handcraft production since we pursue to build a series of design environmentally friendly and long life span products. 

Designer Yesol will talk about "Design meets disability" in seminar form during the exhibition. More info here